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Iruna Armor - Iruna-Online- boogschutterhandschoenen iruna armor ,Notes: If equipped on adventuter, MaxHP +1000 DEF +15. When Lv > 199 further MaxHP +1000Iruna Licht Armor - Iruna-OnlineLicht Armor is an item in Iruna-Online. Melee&Magic R +5%, Delay-0.5sec Skill delay cut chance by defense DEF&MDEF up based on Lv.

Iruna Iron Armor - Iruna-Online

Iron Armor is an item in Iruna-Online. Click to see Images. Monsters

Iruna Weapon Gear

2: Hard Armor Bit x50 3: Weapon Gear x1 4: Black Metal Bit x50 Fort Bailune Caduceus [Canes] 1: Dark Thought x1 2: Weapon Gear x2 3: Orichalcum x10 Fort Bailune Dainsleif [Swords] 1: Weapon Gear x1 2: Stainless Steel x2 3: Orichalcum x10 Fort Bailune Gloire (Strengthened 1) [Additional] 1: Gloire x1 2: Silvery Blade x3 3: Heavy Thick Armor x8 4 ...

Iruna Leather Armor - Iruna-Online

Leather Armor is an item in Iruna-Online. Quest: Help the Armaments Caravan's Lieutenant Commander Varuna, and rid the area of its many monsters

Armor(Iruna Online) - Gaming is my life

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